Robotic WAAM is the most promising 3D metal printing technology for manufacturing medium to large custom metal components, improving part effectiveness, material efficiency and manufacturing flexibility.


Operators in the oil and gas industry carry large inventories to minimize downtime and operating costs as many of these parts are highly customized and required in low-volume.

The Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing technology benefits a large range of use cases when it comes to manufacturing custom metal components. By cutting down lead time and costs of unique parts and small-batch fabrication, this process allows manufacturing companies to optimize the internalization of their production.

Robotic WAAM can minimize disruptions and inventories by reducing manufacturing lead time for spare parts and enabling on-site production.



Lowering Inventory Costs

reduce part count and volume
lower minimum order quantity
digital inventory


Increasing Supply Chain Flexibility

manufacturing flexibility on-site
reduce material waste
reduce purchase costs


Reduce Downtime

shorter repair lead time
reduce part obsolescence risks
extend equipment life cycle

Industry Applications


WAAM reduces lead time drastically, the Impeller is traditionally cast and producing the part can take up to 6-8 months, now with MX3D’s technology it will only take 9 days.  It will be the first installation of a large critical operational part, manufactured with WAAM.  With MetalXL, our dedicated WAAM solution, you can print large components with diverse qualified strategies, to further optimize your manufacturing capabilities.

Industry Application

Stainless Steel Heat Sink

Transfering heat is key to the oil and gas industry, as heat exchangers and sinks are customized to the specific location. With WAAM, the custom part can be printed and replaced by the operator in a relative short time frame.

This heat sink has been printed in 4mm stainless steel.



Industry Application

Bronze Flange

Flanges are usually highly customized, difficult to single order, and have a lead time running into several months. With WAAM, operators could design, build and install the required flange within days, on site, saving both ordering and inventory costs. This flange has been printed in bronze CuSi3 in near-net-shape and post-processed afterwards.

Certification & Qualification

MX3D started the impeller with extensive material & parameter validation of test plates. The qualification of the material is performed by Laborelec, the technical expertise center of Engie, one of the world’s biggest energy companies.

MX3D follows the recent guidance notes for the certification of products produced by Lloyd’s Register, The Welding Institute, and DNV GL.

MX3D produces parts with mechanical properties comparable to those of cast or wrought material. By adopting new and existing international standards, MX3D manages the quality of parts for various industries and applications.


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