WAAM for Manufacturing

Robotic WAAM is the most promising 3D metal printing technology for manufacturing of medium to large custom metal components, improving part effectiveness, material efficiency and manufacturing flexibility.

Industry value

The Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing technology benefits a large range of use cases when it comes to manufacturing custom metal components. By cutting down lead time and costs of unique parts and small-batch fabrication, this process allows manufacturing companies to optimize the internalization of their production.


Increasing Manufacturing Flexibility

shorten production lead time
fast printing of complex objects
decrease manufacturing costs

Part Optimization

custom part fabrication
digital & intelligent fabrication
reduce material waste

Lowering Inventory Costs

reduce part count and volume
lower minimum order quantity
digital inventory

Industry Applications


WAAM advances small serial production, especially for complex geometries and customized parts. With MetalXL, our dedicated WAAM solution, you can print several components at the same time with diverse strategies, to further optimize your manufacturing capabilities.

Industry Application

Wheel Bracket

Due to their unique designs, custom large-scale metal parts are very costly to manufacture with conventional processes (e.g. CNC, casting) and can involve extensive lead time.

WAAM allows manufacturing unique parts with any weldable alloy in a fast and cost-effective way.

Industry Application

Robot Arm

Next to time efficiency and cost-effectiveness, robotic WAAM technology allows manufacturers to completely rethink, redesign and customize medium to large metal parts. Using topology optimization and generative design, optimized custom parts can now be fabricated in a way that cannot be done with conventional manufacturing processes.

Certification & Qualification

MX3D follows the recent guidance notes for the certification of products produced by LRQA (Formally known as Lloyd’s Register), The Welding Institute, and DNV GL.

MX3D produces parts with mechanical properties comparable to those of cast or wrought material. By adopting new and existing international standards, MX3D manages the quality of parts for various industries and applications.

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