Joris Laarman on MX3D and freedom of design

9th of July, 2015 

MX3D is a spinoff company of Joris Laarman Lab. Always pushing the boundaries of existing technologies and inventing new form languages, Joris Laarman will design the bridge. He spoke about the project, new craft and his ambitions to our partner Heijmans and the BBC.

When asked how  MX3D came up with the idea to print a bridge, Joris explained:

“We were at the airport in San Francisco, on our way to a presentation about MX3D, and were brainstorming about what the ultimate poster project would be for showcasing all facets of our technology. We came to the conclusion that a bridge over the old canals of Amsterdam would be a fantastic metaphor for connecting the technology of the future with the city’s historic past, in a way which would reveal the best aspects of both worlds.

I strongly believe in the future of digital manufacturing and local production – it’s a ‘new form of craftsmanship’. This bridge can show how 3D printing has finally entered the world of large-scale functional objects and sustainable materials, while enabling unrivalled freedom of design.”

You’ll find all 5 questions and Joris’answers in this article.

Joris confirmed to the BBC World service he is sure the technology will work. But how exactly, we will know in a year’s time.

He is excited MX3D is creating a new industry that offers endless opportunities, from unique parts to structures with intricate aesthetics.

Listen to the full radio interview here.