The Swiss company Schindler and Dutch 3D metal printing company MX3D did an in depth study into the potential of using topology optimization to redesign elevator carts. MX3D’s robotic wire arc additive manufacturing process perfectly fits the geometry freeform and size.
Led by sheer curiosity, the collaboration focused on exploration and inspiration. Topology optimization can lead to significant weight reduction, and when combined with robotic 3D metal printing a new manufacturing method emerges that offers shorter innovation cycles and in-house production of customized solutions.

The project was possible due to MX3D’s extensive research on aluminum printing for large-scale objects. Using the right printing parameters, several aluminum alloys have excellent post printed mechanical properties. Here, the alloy AlMg 4.5Mn was chosen for its exceptionally strong material properties. Before, MX3D has successfully applied aluminum in Maritime and Automotive projects.

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