MX3D has developed the first dedicated robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) software to enable end-to-end, large-scale 3D metal printing.

By joining together a standard industrial robot and wire arc welding machine, our proprietary software can transform your equipment into a 3D metal printer.

MetalXL software covers the entire workflow of robotic WAAM to print 3D metal objects from CAD-design to print in one go.


Speed: MetalXL enables customers to start-up 3D metal printing fast at lower cost by joining together a standard industrial robot and power source.

End-to-End: MetalXL is a dedicated tool for WAAM technology that is able to go from design to print in one workflow.

Materials: MetalXL allows you to calibrate new metal alloys quickly to ensure stable printing process and quality control.

Feasibility Checks: the software has built-in checks on print feasibility and a robot kinematics simulation ensuring a printable, optimized toolpath.

Continuous Monitoring: the user interface allows you to track the print progress, quality of the welding process live and monitor and events and issues during printing.



1. Calibrate material: MetalXL starts by calibrating the system set-up (robot, welding machine, work area) and material (e.g. stainless steel) print characteristics are set by the user.

2. Check feasibility: MetalXL performs feasibility checks (e.g. overhangs) to determine potential problems while printing the current design. Based on reviewing these checks, the design can be altered, for instance by decreasing the overhangs.

3. Plan toolpath: after aligning the object on the base plate, MetalXL slices the design and defines the print strategy. Before printing, the set toolpath can be simulated and previewed in the software.

4. Print object: when the toolpath is approved, the printing can start. The print progress can be live tracked via MetalXL.

5. Control process: our MX3D Box continuously generates data from the printing process and monitors events. This informs the user to pause or adjust the print settings while printing.

6. Print report: when the print is done, key process events will be provided in a report enabling informed design adjustments and/or print parameter optimization.


The MX3D MetalXL Technology aims to link all steps in the workflow of Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). Users can now input a CAD-file, calibrate the desired material, determine printability, automatically generate a tool path, print and log all the relevant data within one software environment.

Future releases of MetalXL are planned to have additional printing strategies, support for other types of welding processes, external axis support, advanced printing control and analytics and new user interface functionalities. This will increase the flexibility and adaptability of the system, advance process control and improve the quality of the printed object.

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