We are excited to announce that the installation of “Entanglement” the first permanent work of art in a college building in Skidmore College, (NY) is placed. Together with acclaimed artist Alyson Shotz, MX3D has 3D printed a monumental site-specific sculpture placed in the new Billie Tisch Center for Integrated Sciences. (BTCIS)

To mark the occasion, Shotz spoke about her work during the opening with two Skidmore College faculty members on Thursday November 17th, 2022.

Entanglement soars above the BTCIS Atrium. The 340kg sculpture turns and twists impossibly in midair, like a giant open knot or a mobius strip that leads the eye in endless movement around its sinewy curves. As a viewer moves beneath the sculpture, its painted steel shimmers and its colors transform from gold to green to blue.

“Shotz saw multiple benefits in using this new process. It allowed her to design an open structure with precision curves that could be made much quicker and for less money than traditional welded steel processes. It was a zero-waste process that required almost no packing materials. It also let her expand her artistic practice, allowing her to create new structures that were impossible to make before this technology existed, while at the same time making connections with previous work.” 

“Entanglement explores the idea that a shape can be defined by space rather than mass. There is much more space in this sculpture than steel. It also asks, How does perception define the experience of space? If you look at this sculpture from only one point of view, it might be difficult to understand, you have to move around it to experience it fully. As your point of view changes and the light changes, the shape itself changes. These concerns flow through all of my work. ”

“Skidmore gave me a chance to make something new, experiment with new technology together with MX3D, and broaden my practice as an artist,” Shotz said. “It’s a huge opportunity, and I’m incredibly grateful for that.”

More information about Alyson Shotz and her other works: www.alysonshotz.com

Photos by Nicholas Knight

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