The M1 Metal AM System offers a turnkey solution for printing high quality, medium-to-large scale metal parts. Built with quality hardware components from renowed manufacturers, the M1 Metal Am System also integrates MetalXL, MX3D’s dedicated WAAM-Workflow for advanced CAM, control/monitoring and post-print data analytics.


Manufacturing Speed

The M1 Metal AM System has a deposition rate, with an average of 1-3kg per hour (up to 5kg/h for large solid parts). With higher speed, you can reduce lead time, manufacturing time and parts cost much more effectively.

Print Quality

With our integrated metal alloys / printing strategies library and dynamic in-process parameters control, we reach excellent material properties on a large range of metal alloys, also when using a high deposition rate.

Proprietary Software

We have developed our own full workflow software (MetalXL) which is fully dedicated to WAAM technology to achieve high quality and is completely integrated with a sensor system to have real-time control.

Material Library

Our M1 Metal AM System allows the production of every weldable alloy, including aluminium and copper-based alloys.

Low Costs

With our technology the costs are up to 50% lower CAPEX and >5x cheaper OPEX compared to powder-based 3D Metal printing.


The M1 Metal AM System includes:

  • 8-axis ABB industrial robotics system enabling complex prints
  • A Fronius GMAW/CMT welding machine
  • MX3D MetalXL – our WAAM-dedicated workflow
  • MX3D MetalXL Control System including sensors network, for intelligent automation, real-time print monitoring and high-resolution data logging.


Enhanced print control and performance 

Our control system achieves enhanced performance and productivity by dynamic sensors for continuous control and monitoring, and supports the operator with real-time feedback, high-resolution data logging and advanced insights into the printing process


MetalXL CAM is the dedicated interface for path planning, which includes an extensive printing strategy library for various metal alloys, feasibility check tools and advanced slicing/solving.


MetalXL Live is the print monitoring interface. It allows the user to simulate the print, control the process in real time and log the data thanks to the MetalXL control system.


MetalXL Viz, for post-printing analytics. it displays a 3D report of the acquired data for extensive post-printing analytics, for defects detection, certification of the printed parts and strategy refinement.


LRQA has awarded MX3D a certification for their Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing facility, incorporating the M1 Metal AM system. We can support our customers in getting the additive manufacturing facility certification of their own M1 Metal AM System, both for standard and custom versions.


A new M1 Metal AM System is deployed at the Shimoda Iron Works Co., Ltd. factory site in Japan.

The M1 Metal AM System allows us to start printing optimized parts for various industries including wind power industry immediately. We were impressed by the ease of use and the quality of the materials. Moreover, this new process is much attractive for us because it will contribute to SDGs by minimizing both material and energy loss. MX3D’s M1 makes Shimoda the nr. 1 Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM) expert of Japan, a technology that we believe will see a bright future,

Shinji Shimoda, President of Shimoda Iron Works (Japan)


Interested in the M1 Metal AM System or an alternative configuration? Reach out and we will create the perfect setup for you!

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