Print 3D metal parts from design to print in one go

MetalXL enables industrial 3D metal printing of medium to large metal parts in-house, using robotic WAAM technology (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing).

MetalXL joins an industrial robot and power source and transforms it into an industrial-grade 3D metal printer

Its streamlined end-to-end workflow allows users to easily manage the printing process from design to print. MetalXL is WAAM-dedicated, hardware independent, and allows 3D metal printing at substantially lower CAPEX and OPEX.



MetalXL enables customers to start-up 3D metal printing fast and at lower costs by combining a standard industrial robot and power source.


MetalXL is a dedicated tool for WAAM-technology that is able to go from design to print in one workflow.

Intelligent Automation

The software has built-in checks on design feasibility while the robot kinematics simulation ensures a printable, optimized toolpath.

Continuous Monitoring

The user interface allows you to track the progress and quality of the print process live as well as monitor events and issues during printing.


MetalXL CAM is the dedicated interface for path planning, which includes an extensive printing strategy library for various metal alloys, feasibility check tools and advanced slicing/solving.


MetalXL Live is the print monitoring interface. It allows the user to simulate the print, control the process in real time and log the data thanks to the MetalXL control system.


MetalXL Viz, for post-printing analytics. it displays a 3D report of the acquired data for extensive post-printing analytics, for defects detection, certification of the printed parts and strategy refinement.


Use Case

Wheel Bracket

The full MetalXL workflow, including multi-strategies and multi-direction slicing. It also shows the post-printing 3D visualization of the parameters in MetalView, our dedicated analysis interface.

Below wheel bracket, is printed in 308L stainless steel within 24h:

  • Weight (before post-processing): 13.9kg
  • Dimensions: 290x200x75mm
  • Manufacturing time: 14h (6h printing + 8h cooling)
  • Printing strategies used: Solid zigzag + 4mm single walls


Better, faster and easier industrial 3D metal printing

MetalXL comes with an intelligent MetalXL Control System directly connected to the robotic WAAM system for enhanced print performance. It improves consistent performance and productivity by smart sensors for continuous monitoring while supporting the operator with real-time feedback and advanced insights into the printing process.


Material Library

Built-in metal alloy library with verified and tested WAAM process parameters

Automatic Calibration

Add new alloys and specific parameters with the automatic calibration tool

Printing Strategies

Multiple printing strategies available for optimizing the print quality

Smart Sensors

Enhanced productivity and material performance due to smart sensors

Real-Time Control

Direct control and operator feedback on print process and performance

Continuous Monitoring

Live process monitoring and simulation, including automated issue detection

High-Resolution Data Logging

Advanced WAAM parameter logs for print quality analysis and validation


Improved insights into the printing process due to 3D visualization tools


MetalXL upgraded their industrial robot setup to start printing large-scale 3D metal parts within one day

“The largest metal 3D-printer in Scandinavia has been upgraded with MetalXL enabling the printer to produce unique designs by melting a metal wire using a standard welding technique.”

Peter Tommy Nielsen, Head of AM, Force Technology


University West (Sweden) uses MetalXL to improve their research on robotic WAAM.

“Thanks to MetalXL’s overhang management algorithms, we have been able to produce large dimensions thin walls with Inconel and nickel-based alloy thin, with up to 40 degrees angles without external manipulator. Moreover, by applying minor changes to the included 308L stainless-steel parameter set, we have been able to print Inconel with outstanding results.”

Kjell Hurtig, Research Engineer, University West (Sweden)

The benefits of MetalXL for the production of complex components in the energy industry.

“The understanding of welding science by MX3D and its application into MetalXL led to the possibility of printing complex components without defects such as lacks of fusions, that we often had using non-optimal subtractive manufacturing path planners”, says Scott. The MetalXL Live interface was a game changer for the team, who are now able to monitor and control the WAAM process in real-time at high resolution: “The fact that we can get feedback on the process is an important advancement, especially being able to control the interpass temperature”.

Scott Macdonald, Welding Engineer and Additive Manufacturing Lead, Whittaker Engineering (Scotland)


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