MetalXL is built by MX3D to enable 3D metal printing of large metal parts in-house, using robotic WAAM technology (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing).

MetalXL joins an off-the-shelf industrial robot and power source and transforms it into an industrial-grade 3D metal printer.

Its streamlined end-to-end workflow allows our users to easily manage the whole printing process from design to print.

MetalXL is independent of hardware configuration and easy to use. It offers diverse features to both print with preset metal alloys and process parameters, or customize the entire process to your own needs.

MetalXL has advanced features for enhanced productivity, consistent material performance and continuous monitoring, including automatic calibration, dynamic sensors, real-time operator feedback and high-resolution data logging.


Speed: MetalXL enables customers to start-up 3D metal printing fast and at lower costs by combining a standard industrial robot and power source.

End-to-End: MetalXL is a dedicated tool for WAAM-technology that is able to go from design to print in one workflow.

Materials: MetalXL allows you to calibrate new metal alloys quickly to ensure a stable printing process and quality control.

Intelligent automation: the software has built-in checks on design feasibility while the robot kinematics simulation ensures a printable, optimized toolpath.

Continuous monitoring: the user interface allows you to track the progress and quality of the print process live as well as monitor events and issues during printing.


1. Calibrate process: MetalXL enables the user to automatically calibrate the  WAAM process, while still allowing manual alteration of each parameter.

2. Check feasibility: MetalXL performs feasibility checks (e.g. overhangs) to determine potential problems before printing the current design. Based on a review of these checks, the design can be altered.

3. Plan toolpath: after aligning the object on the base plate, MetalXL slices the design and defines the print strategy. Before printing, the set toolpath can be simulated and previewed in MetalXL.

4. Print object: when the toolpath is approved, the printing can start. The print progress and productivity KPIs can be tracked live via MetalXL.

5. Control process: our MX3D Console continuously generates data from the printing process and monitors events. This informs the user to pause or adjust the print settings while printing.

6. Print report: during the print, key process events are logged and a 3D-visualisation is created, enabling certification, design adjustments and/or print parameter optimization.

7. Analyse data: process measurements and events are analysed for optimized print parameters and strategies.


Material Library: Built-in metal alloy library with verified WAAM process parameters for various applications, based on extensive testing.

Automatic Calibration: Customize the process to your needs and add your metal alloys and specific parameters via the automatic calibration tool.

Printing Strategies: Multiple printing strategies, ranging from single wall, multi-wall and diverse solid infill strategies.

Smart Sensors: Enhanced productivity and material performance due to smart sensors, incl. dynamic interpass time driven by temperature sensor.

Continuous Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and simulation of the printing process and automated failure detection to establish consistent material performance during printing.

Real-time Control: Real-time control and feedback to the operator on the print performance, including live simulation, parameters tracking and build-in event management tool.

High-resolution Data Logging: High-resolution data logging for key WAAM parameters for advanced documentation, analysis and validation of print quality.

3D-visualization: 3D-visualization tool on temperature, current, voltage and stick-out for improved insights into the printing process.


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