International Business Times on MX3D

15th of June, 2015 

Our CTO, Tim Geurtjens, revealed some of the the technology behind the MX3D Bridge project to the International Business Times.

“We start with a piece of metal attached to the canal bank. The robots start from one side of the canal, they print their own support structure, so essentially it prints its own bridge. It stands on the floor of the bridge, 3D prints out more and keeps moving,” MX3D’s CTO Tim Geurtjens told IBTimes UK.

“We have the same physics as everyone else, but it looks like it’s gravity-defying. We put a drop of metal, drop by drop at a time and it solidifies. But you could also print tubes, and then print layer over layer of tubes.”

“Up until now with our project, no two pieces of information being related to the robots are ever the same, so everything we print is generative. This could change the future of robotics.”

Read the full article on the IBTimes UK website.