Robotic WAAM offers higher design flexibility and prints more complex and customized designs without the restrictions of transitional process designs. As a new generation of designers has become highly computer literate, the use of WAAM benefits the design process.


Designers are often restricted by the limitations of traditional manufacturing processes, while prototyping and customisation are expensive and time-consuming.

Robotic WAAM enables more freedom and customization in design and offers fast prototyping and design adjustments in the process.



Increasing Design Freedom

enhance customization
low manufacturing limitation
enhance computational and biomimicry design


Speed and Lead Time

rapid prototyping
improve accuracy
streamlining design and production


Innovation Pioneer

digital & intelligent fabrication
reduce CO2, material consumption & wastage
strong and lightweight parts


Arc Bikes

MX3D has printed two lightweight bikes in aluminum and stainless steel. These projects show that with the MX3D printing process, a custom bicycle can go from idea to end product incredibly fast.

The designs are produced by generative design software to tailor-fit the proportions of the rider’s body. The aluminium Arc Bike II customized frame has been printed with MetalXL within 24 hours.


Schindler Elevator

The Elevate project illustrates an in-depth study into the potential of using topology optimization and customization to redesign elevator carts. Topology optimization can lead to significant weight reduction.

Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing offers shorter innovation cycles and enables in-house production of customized solutions. The elevator cart has been printed in aluminium which has exceptionally strong material properties.


Star Lamps

The Star Lamp series aims to integrate 3D printing s for lighting solutions, allowing custom design for a mass market and on-demand tailored luminaries for a circular economy.

Robotic WAAM offers faster production, more efficiency, and on-demand fabrication without the need for pre-production processes.


Cucoyo Bar

Cucuyo is an outdoor bar at the Perez Art Museum Miami (PAMM) for STARR Catering Group. The work was made in collaboration with Miami base architects BBA. The final assembled piece is 20 feet long, 12 feet wide and 9 feet high.

“It was a challenge to design a piece that was not only lightweight and easily disassembled for relocation but also fully functional,” notes Claudia Busch, Founding Principal of Berenblum Busch Architects. “That is why we decided to work with MX3D on manufacturing this project. Their unique technology allowed the construction of this site-specific piece that meets all structural requirements while seamlessly fitting into the PAMM environment.”


MX3D has a proven record of working with designers and offers multiple print solutions and strategies to support and enhance the designers’ ideas. Our print strategies include line printing, dot printing and mesh to explore the best use of material, technology, and textures for the artist’s geometry and wishes.


With over 20,000 kg of metal 3D printed objects and over 75 man-years of experience since 2014, MX3D is the company that manages the quality of design for various materials including bronze, aluminium and stainless steel.


MX3D offers a wide range of manual or robotic finishing, such as sandblasting, polishing, painting, coating, milling, and grinding.


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