Robotic WAAM aligned applied art with using the technology either in digital manufacturing or computational design. The new language and open intelligence add an extra layer of creativity and innovation for artists. 


Many artists, new or old generation, are integrating technology and applied art to create a new vision for everyday objects by using unconventional techniques and materials to trigger human emotions.

WAAM offers flexibility in design for a wide variety of objects and applications with a higher power of customization and uses digital technology to create objects that resonate with humans emotionally.



Increasing Design Freedom

enhance customization
low manufacturing limitation
enhance computational and biomimicry design


Increasing Customisation

producing design series
faster design adjustment
improve accuracy


Innovation Pioneer

digital & intelligent fabrication
human-robot interaction
reduce CO2, material consumption & wastage

Art Work


“Entanglement” soars above the BTCIS Atrium in the new Billie Tisch Center for Integrated Sciences at Skidmore College (NY). The 340kg sculpture turns and twists impossibly in midair, like a giant open knot or a mobius strip that leads the eye in endless movement around its sinewy curves. As a viewer moves beneath the sculpture, its painted steel shimmers and its colours transform from gold to green to blue.

Art Work

The Whale Pass

“The Whale Pass”, is a set of three large-scale pieces of artwork, designed by Paolo Albertelli and Mariagrazia Abbaldo (Studio C&C).

The three parts have been printed using MX3D’s largest printing cell in portions as tall as three meters, assembled into one of the biggest artworks fabricated by WAAM. As an example, the head has an impressive height of nearly five meters. The texture resembles the texture of the skin of a real whale.

Art Work

Oregon Dragon Bench

Oregon Dragon Bench by Joris Laarman Lab, installed at the new LeBron James Building, home to Nike’s Beaverton-based Advanced Innovation Center at Nike World Headquarters in Oregon, the USA.

The Oregon Dragon Bench pushes the boundaries in terms of sculptural presence and size, enabled by MX3D’s robotic 3D printing technological capabilities.

Art Work

Hagaromo Bench

The Hagoromo Benches are designed for Takenaka Corporation based in Japan to show the potential of digital fabrication. The Hagoromo bench embodies the space with a free and creative mind, and its continuous shape matches various postures and induces diverse actions by a thin surface.

The Hagoromo bench is printed in 308L stainless steel, and the surface consists of single thin walls. This project showcases the potential of WAAM for interior design.

Art Work

Dragon Bench

The Dragon Bench, designed by Joris Laarman Lab, is produced by MX3D with Robotic WAAM by applying the patented dot printing strategy.

By adding small amounts of molten metal at a time, MX3D prints double-curved lines in mid-air without the need for supporting structures.

Art Work

Gradient Screen

This experimental sculptural work is part of a collection of sculptural screens in varying sizes, geometries, and materials.

The computationally generated esthetics of the screens are pleasing to the eye and push the boundaries of 3D printing technology.

Art Work

Tresse Tower

“MX3D has the technique, new language, and open intelligence to understand this very complex mathematical but also emotional sculpture. Robots, programmed by qualified people, close the gap between pure thought and the creation of the object with absolute respect.”- Ricardo Regazzoni

The 4-meter tall Tresse is fully 3D printed stainless steel, and the tips are polished and gold-plated in post-production.

Art Work

Butterfly Screen

The Butterfly Screen, designed by Joris Laarman Lab, explores the territory of large-scale sculpture, it is a 2 x 3 meter double-curved bronze surface based on a hexagonal cell division.


MX3D, with a proven record of working with designers, offers multiple print solutions and strategies to support and enhance ideas. The print strategy extends from line printing, dot printing, and mesh to explore the best use of material, technology, and textures for the artist’s geometry and wishes.


With over 20,000 kg of metal 3D printed objects and over 57 man-years of experience since 2014, MX3D is the company that manages the quality of design for various materials including bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel.


MX3D offers a wide range of manual or robotic finishing, such as sandblasting, polishing, painting, coating, milling, and grinding.


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