Tresse tower

Artist: Ricardo Regazzoni

Year: 2021

Location: Eygalières, France

Material: Stainless steel with gold tips

“MX3D has the technique, new language and open intelligence to understand this very complex mathematical but also emotional sculpture. Robots, programmed by qualified people, that close the gap between the pure thought and the creation of the object with absolute respect.”

Back in 2020 we started the “Tresse” project together which is now placed in a private garden in the South of France. In his search for a manufacturer, he went to Italy and approached several companies who are using traditional techniques, such as bronze casting or cut metal. However these techniques did not fit with the artist’ vision and he searched for new innovative ways to produce his 4-meter tall steel sculpture. The Tresse is fully 3D printed in stainless steel and the tips are polished and gold-plated in post-production.

MX3D’s robotic printing technique allows higher form flexibility in shapes and textures and leads to significant material reduction. MX3D is dedicated to Robotic Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). This process allows creating geometries with higher complexity than conventional manufacturing processes (such as CNC-milling, cast) and a higher speed and cost-efficiency compared to powder-based metal AM processes. By controlling the full WAAM workflow from CAD to print, MX3D’s technology has many benefits and allows you to go from idea to finished product in one go with MetalXL.

“To my surprise the 3D printing had a texture that gave a human quality to the piece, enhancing it’s shine and strength.”  

“The idea of this production method is that you move from idea to finished product in one go, magically through a machine that makes the interpretation directly.” “It is not an old language, it is a contemporary one for art.”

 – Ricardo Regazzoni

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