The MX3D bridge collaboration will help to advance the state of robotic fabrication for artists, designers, architects and engineers and points to a future of democratized manufacturing of urban infrastructure.

We are proud to collaborate with the MX3D team to create a beautiful and functional structure unlike any other ever created.
Autodesk is providing technology and expertise to the MX3D project team from conceptualization through fabrication. The design of the bridge is a combination of the vision and craft of the artist, and the iterative power of Generative Design tools like Dreamcatcher. The team is also breaking away from traditional industrial robotic control strategies, using more intuitive systems based on technologies like Dynamo. By learning to draw metal in mid-air, the teams are gaining insight and expertise into new 3D printing techniques to create a ‘bridge to the future’ together.

Maurice Conti, Director Strategic Innovation, Autodesk:

“The MX3D platform is a potential game changer. Breaking free of the traditional limitations of additive manufacturing – small size prints and poor material performance – this technology opens up possibilities for architectural-scale, relatively low-cost, metal structures that are as complex as the designer’s imagination.”