In architecture, joint elements are often used to build for instance the frame of a façade or building. Digitally produced elements like structural nodes could give an unprecedented freedom of form because they are able to vary in all different shapes and sizes. They are even more advantageous when they become cost- and material efficient at the same time.

With a small team of engineers and students we are going to do research on ‘smart’ nodes that have the most optimal balance between (cost) efficiency and constructional possibilities. They should lead to beautiful building structures. At the Campus we will share an inventory of what has been done in the world of nodes so far and work on our own node. We are going to produce many different nodes and will showcase our printing technology to the public, as well as to our neighbors at FabCity.

We want to inspire and be inspired. We want to think about and work on our future city. These two months on the campus give us the opportunity to show our added value and the way our product can contribute to expanding our new city. And it’s a perfect place for us to test our concept of locally printing these nodes. Follow us for the upcoming two months!