The Board of Advisors supports MX3D with their extensive knowledge, connections and strategic advice. The expertise of our board members spans several fields that connect with the company’s activities – from the arts and construction sectors to hard-and software specialists, welding and robotics.

MX3D is proud to have the best in business as a source of advice.


Maurice Conti

Autodesk, Director Strategic Innovation

“The MX3D platform is a potential game changer. Breaking free of the traditional limitations of additive manufacturing—small size prints and poor material performance—this technology opens up possibilities for architectural-scale, relatively low-cost, metal structures that are as complex as the designer’s imagination.

With applications ranging from art, furniture and architecture, to reinforcement structures for complex concrete forms, we’re excited to be a partner in the development of this groundbreaking platform.”


Gerard de Leede

Heijmans, CTO

“The development of 3D printing offers diverse opportunities for our business. It can contribute to a safer working environment, a reduction of material use and energy savings. It also leads to unique projects that were not imaginable until now, because we no longer depend on mass production and standard construction capability. As CTO, I look at a lot of promising initiatives in the market, not only the technological aspects, but also in terms of vision and realism.

The MX3D  team has what it takes, and chances are high that this cooperation will deliver the socially relevant solutions that Heijmans is looking for every day. We use our engineering knowledge for the MX3D project. What we will experience in this project on a small scale, can be scaled up at a later stage.”


Martin van der Have

Sales & Marketing Manager, ABB Robotics

“ABB Robotics’s participation in the MX3D project is of because of ABB’s interests in new 3D print- and welding technology. Especially the communication between the design phase and the 3D welding realization is an important step in the development of new manufacturing possibilities.

The background of industrial robots is serial production, the future is one piece production. The MX3D project is an unique and ambitious initiative where the ABB robots can prove their outstanding motion performance and unrivalled programming and communication capacity.”


Francis Briand

R&D Group Expert, Air Liquide

“Air Liquide supports this project because it is aligned with our vision of  the future of manufacturing : something almost autonomous that keeps working for days and that produces big objects and sophisticated shapes that would be almost impossible to produce otherwise…  something essentially digital where the design includes all the machine settings to make them…

Today it’s a bridge, but what about tomorrow?

What if many pieces of work could be made this way?”


Jouke Verlinden

TU Delft, Professor Industrial Design

“The motto of TU Delft is ‘Challenge the Future’ and MX3D is doing exactly that: exploring aesthetics and engineering for human-centered design. MX3D is collaborating with the AMS-3D Building FieldLab. The aim of the AMS-3D Building FieldLab is to accumulate and experiment with digital fabrication and robotics for the built environment, with a particular focus on infrastructural works.

This is framed in an interdisciplinary format in which designers, engineers, and natural/social scientists jointly develop solutions. Amsterdam is the Living Lab for AMS Institute, a new ambitious scientific institute where science, education, government, business partners, and societal organizations are working tightly together to create solutions for the complex challenges a metropolitan region like Amsterdam is facing.”


Marc Benda

Friedman Benda, Art Dealer

“There are innovators among us that see things in the way we don’t; visionaries, who make connections that escape us. Magic happens when that visionary can invent beauty. Not create beautiful things, but invent aesthetics we have not experienced before, by connecting our original sense of wonder with the most relevant and cutting edge scientific disciplines he chooses to employ.”

Olivier Vassart

ArcelorMittal, R&D Director

Joining MX3D project paves the way to the use of a new technique for steel as Olivier Vassart, R&D director, explains: “What makes this project unique is the use of steel drawn wires as raw material for the 3D printing technology at large scale. Steel versatility combined with 3D printing opens the path to a complete re-thinking of steel components design thus offering total freedom in product geometries and manufacturing process. No doubt that steel will be a source of inspiration for designers.”